This site is for the active consideration of politics, economics, policy, and other related subjects in as much of a nonpartisan light as possible. My desire is that fellow Americans will become active in civic duties, such as voting and voicing opinions, with more enthusiasm and optimism and that the arena of politics shifts from its current perception as a dirty, partisan battle that is not listening to the public to one of hope, consideration, and leadership.

On both major parties as well as in the major viewpoints of government, there have been men and women who have led this country, individual states, and local governments with integrity, openness, and passion. People’s opinions mattered, and the leaders considered their options with the future of the nation as well as their constituents’ interests in view.

Despite what one may think, this view is not extinct. Parties’ platforms can shift to meet the contemporary solutions through each’s philosophical lens. Candidates can listen and hear the opinions of their constituents before voting and take up important concerns. Ordinary men and women can take the initiative to champion an important issue through petition, discussion, or even public service. Democracy and republicanism have not died in this country yet.

These articles are not just the ponderings of a hopeless idealist, but, hopefully, it is a source that will generate some thought as to your own views without the current political status quo being forced through.

As such, my intent is to post twice a week, granted this may change with the circumstances. One post will be on the topic of view or philosophy, how politics should be seen and considered in each of its complex facets by both citizens and officials. The second I am intending to be more of a consideration of examples. These might follow a plan or they may be spontaneous. Within this category, I intend to write about past and present examples of politics ‘done right’ or an open and objective consideration of past or current issues, such as the economy or foreign policy. Both categories will be very fluid, some may be more fact-oriented and scholarly; while others might be simply free thoughts on the subject. The intent though is to stimulate interest and individual passions rather than regurgitate policy statements.

Now considering this page is about politics, I wish to add a disclaimer. I do not intend to criticize or insult people with this page, nor express my own or a party’s opinion. I want a healthy discussion of thought and facts on this page. And I would appreciate the same restraint and consideration from the comments section. This page does not symbolize attacks, propaganda, or non-objective criticism. If one wishes to actively discuss more partisan issues or matters that do not fall amidst the purview of this page, I am working on a solution to do so separately. This solution should also be available for more information and concerns.

I apologize for the long-windedness of this page; this will doubtfully be the last time. But I gratefully appreciate the interest of readers and want to incorporate your ideas into this page. I hope this page is both illuminating and thoughtful for your reflection.