A Brief Bio:

I’m a young, politically-passionate man attending college shortly. My deepest passions are in policy, national and international; however, I enjoy debating, thinking, and studying any form of history or social science. Additionally, I enjoy reading, writing, and watching movies and TV shows.

Now, if while reading any of the articles, you wonder if I have any rooted ties to any party or ideology. Yes, I do. I am a self-proclaimed conservative for many reasons and for that side with the Republican Party. However, as this blog is meant to encourage thought as to how politics should work and be viewed, I will not use this blog for the advancement of party or candidate positions. Instead, I believe that politics, the economy, public service, policy, and many other areas can be more dignified as well as represent the needs of today if viewed through lenses that encourage such work. In essence, this is a blog of idealism and contemplation in regards to the future.

If there are more specific concerns or desires to discuss topics that do not fit the current lens of this site, please see my contact page. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy these thoughts as well as consider your opinions and view of what I present in an equally considerate fashion.