A More Traditional Tomorrow?

What does this statement mean? Does it perchance relate more to the traditional values spoken of by conservatives? Is it more of an innovation that is purported by liberals? Or is it a desire to live in the Stone Age?

My concept of politics can be reduced to that simple phrase, leading into a traditional tomorrow. Public service’s basis should be founded upon the values that have brought success and continue to hold us in good moral standing while using them to advance progress in each generation.

Now, many of these values are still in debate, but the core of these should be universally agreed upon by people of any political distinction. These include integrity, objectivity, dignity, willingness to actively consider all options and factors, patriotism, justice, fairness, etc. These virtues are not solely found in a religious background, a philosophical perspective, or a political party; they are the core of each citizen and official in leading by and interpreting the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the laws of the land, and the perspectives of respected advisors and common people. “Traditional” does not mean that we must remain in the viewpoints and actions of past decades, but instead we should never compromise the character of America within each and every one of us.

Yet, we cannot solely define ourselves by the past actions and views of even great men and women; true leadership requires the intent to build upon that foundation for the betterment of each person and our nation collectively. Despite any number of great successes that we might achieve, we are still going to be confronted by injustices, concerns, and failures. As a nation, we are to strive to meet each challenge with bold leadership as well as action, even if we must compromise in certain areas in order to better our society. We should never settle due to our past accomplishments or the status quo that we are within; instead, our continued desire should be for the most open, free, and successful society that we can develop.

This short page is certainly not the end of the discussion of a Traditional Tomorrow. Next week, I will write with a concentration on the “tradition” aspect. But for now, how is America viewed as pursuing this goal currently? If you do not believe it is not, how do we as a nation, including you, develop this kind of perspective?

-Michael C. Tofte


One thought on “A More Traditional Tomorrow?

  1. Bravo, Locke. Officially throwing your voice into these World-Wide endeavors? Well, well spoken and well meant. The world shall profit from what you have to say about leading Our Traditional Tomorrow, so keep talking.
    Your partner in mind,


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